Art Projects

Art projects can be delivered as one-off workshops, longer-term residencies, INSET training or to create something for a specific purpose, like a mural. These can take place in schools and other educational establishments, community and third sector organisations and businesses.

The range of media available includes:
  • Paint

  • Clay

  • Mosaic

  • Print

  • Drawing

  • Mixed media/recycled materials

  • And more.

When working with others my focus is primarily on providing high quality experiences at an appropriate level that will engage, enthuse and inspire the participants.

Art in Education

“The skills, which children acquire through good Cultural Education, help to develop their personality, abilities and imagination. They allow them to learn how to think both creatively and critically and to express themselves fully. All of these skills are strong influencers on wider academic attainment in schools and help to grow a child’s interest in the process of learning within the school environment.”
Henley, D. (2012) Review into Cultural Education DCMS & DfE

Why bother with art in schools?

Participation in art activities allows children, teachers, parents and others to experience high levels of teamwork, communication, self-esteem, and stress reduction.

“It is crucial for individual pupils and it is crucial for society as a whole. Most teachers would see it as the heart of what education is all about – helping pupils grow and develop as people. This importance has repeatedly been recognised by legislators: schools are required by law to promote pupils’ SMSC development and inspectors are required to inspect it.”OFSTED (2004) Promoting and evaluating pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development

Most importantly of all it’s fun!

Arts & Health

There is now increasing research to show that "the arts can help keep us well, aid our recovery and support longer lives better lived", Creative Health: The Arts for Health & Wellbeing, (2017) All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing Inquiry Report.

Art in other locations

All the above is easily transferable to a community or commercial environment. The need for a connection with cultural life shouldn’t end at school leaving age. There are clear benefits to business and third sector organisations that engage their staff and clients, from a sense of belonging and well-being (reducing sickness and absenteeism) to an awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility and conveying a sense of who and what an organisation is and does through their public face.

How can I help?

I can deliver a programme of art activities, one-off workshops or a longer residency involving a whole school, organisation or community. INSET training for teachers to provide them with skills and ideas for incorporating art into lesson plans can be tailor made according to requirements.

I can also work to commission, designing and creating a mural or other artwork that inspires and adds to the cultural life of your organisation – the design process can involve the school, workplace or community if preferred.

Recycled Computer Detail mural1
Recycled Computer Detail mural1

Mosaic Hands in progress
Mosaic Hands in progress

Pond renovation with Mars Food SGDP
Pond renovation with Mars Food SGDP