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School Grounds Development Programme at College Nursery

Forest School, food and fun

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On Tuesday 9th October 2018 a large team of volunteers from the local Mars Food factory on Hansa Road descended on Applewood Nursery’s Forest School area. They had a range of tasks before them from building a vegetable plot to creating a sensory herb path, seating spaces from natural materials for snack times and a fire pit area so that in the future the staff will be able to cook outdoors with the children.

The project was initiated by member of nursery staff, Zoe Govett, who had been asking the children’s parents for donations of materials. When Emily Anderson, whose nephew attends the College of West Anglia nursery, heard about the idea she volunteered her shift to take on the challenge. She said “We are delighted to support Applewood with this project and hope the nursery can look forward to a future of home grown produce!”

All the Mars Food projects I run for the various shifts have to involve growing, cooking or eating food to fit with the company’s remit. What is unique about this project is that they will be able to carry out all three in the same space. As a Forest School Leader myself it is especially lovely to help create something that will get these very young children outside, enjoying and learning in a beautiful environment.

Zoe added, “We would also like to thank Golden Tree Surgeons who kindly donated the large load of woodchip to create safe natural surfaces around the vegetable patches and snack area. The College has also been hugely supportive of the project from the beginning.”

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